Whiskey of the World Challenge

Ready for a real challenge?

Make your way through our 13 select specialty whiskies during your visits to earn the rights to a Grille No. 13 t-shirt and the right to sign the Grille No.13 Whiskey Wall!


Whiskey Challenge Rules


1. You must be 21 years or older with valid ID to participate in the Whiskey Challenge.

2. You must declare to the bartender that you want to participate in the challenge before your drinks count toward the Whiskey Challenge.

3. You may not drink more than four (4) drinks from the whiskey list per visit to prevent intoxication. A "visit" is defined as a 24-hour period and this is simply for protection of our liquor license and for your safety.

4. YOU must drink all of the whiskeys on the list; sharing with a friend is prohibited.

5. It is preferred that you drink the whiskey straight, or neat. But, if you must, you may add a few drops of water, some ice, or even mix the whiskey in a drink. However, we have no clue why someone would want to mix something with such fine whiskey.

6. Taking a shot of the whiskey is allowed, but we have no idea why someone wouldn't want to savor the flavors.

7. If you complete the Whiskey Challenge, you are entitled to sign your name and the current year to the Whiskey Wall. You will also receive a gift to be determined by the house.

8. If you complete the whiskey challenge more than once in the same year, you will be allowed to add a star (*) to your name on the Whiskey Wall. However, at this time, the house does not intend to provide a second gift for completing the challenge more than once in the same year. However, if you complete the challenge multiple times in a year - say 5 times, the house will reconsider and determine a suitable gift.

9. The whiskey on the whiskey list will change from year-to-year based on availability of whiskey. This does two things: 1) It allows you to broaden your horizons by tasting different whiskey, and ItaliaPotenza 2) It allows you to complete in the Whiskey Challenge again without being subjected to the same 'ole song and dance. Each year, victors will be allowed to sign the wall once and receive the gift for that year.

10. There is no order in which you must drink the Whiskey, but you must drink all of the Whiskey.


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